M Easycomfort

M Easycomfort

XS Extra soft
S Soft
M Medium
H Hard

Suitable for adults.

This brush has a somewhat wider, compact brush surface and narrow neck. By minimizing unnecessary material around the brush head, the back molars are also easily accessible. The long handle with thumb grip ensures optimal positioning of the toothbrush and has a comfortable grip.

  • Rounded polished bristles to protect tissue from damage.
  • Compact brush head so that the back molars are also easily accessible.
  • Long straight 2-component handle with wide thumb grip for a comfortable grip.
  • With rubber tip.
  • Ultra soft after dental surgery, radio/chemotherapy or severely inflamed gums.
  • Soft for adults and children.
  • X-soft for for sensitive gum, recessions and implants.
  • Medium for orthodontic appliances or as an intermediate step from hard to softer brushes.

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