How do you use an interdental brush?

Provided the position of the teeth allows it, the use of a interdental brush is preferable for daily cleaning between the teeth.

The dentist and dental hygienist will advise the right oral care products depending on the situation in the mouth.

How do you use a interdental brush?

  1. Hold the brush between your thumb and forefinger.
    Rest on the jaw with the other fingers.
  2. Place the brush perpendicularly between the teeth. The brush should be slightly tight between the teeth, but the wire should not touch the teeth.
  3. Push the brush from the outside between the teeth.
  4. Make 6 to 7 horizontal and diagonal back and forth movements.
  5. Apply light pressure to the gums.
  6. Do not skip teeth. If prescribed, use multiple sizes/types of brushes.
  7. Do not pierce the gums. If necessary, place the brush slightly more obliquely between the teeth. Insert obliquely from above for the upper jaw and obliquely from below for the lower jaw.
  8. Rinse the brush well after use and let it dry.

Antibacterial Interdental brushes

Our brush collection is characterized by a wide range of sizes of both straight and conical brushes. Conical brushes have the advantage that the brush tapers from narrow to wide. So several sizes in one brush section.