FlexPick 2in1

With the Lactona FlexPick 2in1 you can remove the plaque between teeth and gums easily and efficiently. The Lactona FlexPick 2in1 is as easy to use as a toothpick and with its soft triangular shapes it is also similar to a thin brush.

Antibacterial interdental cleaners

Lactona offers a wide range of interdental brushes for cleaning between the teeth in no less than 21 models and sizes.


Our toothbrush line incorporates the latest advancements in materials, functionality and design. The positioning of the tufts, the multi-row pattern and elimination of surplus brush head material all contribute to optimum oral cleaning performance.

Mouthcare products

Lactona offers a wide range of mouth care products like toothpastes, mouth waters and products for disclosing plaque.

Lactona our history

Lactona starts production of the first multi-tufted toothbrush with a rubber tip in the United States in 1954. In 1969 was the first toothbrush to land on the moon in during the Apollo 11 mission.