Lactona has specially included the iQ Easycomfort ultra-soft toothbrush in its range for wearers of implants. For optimal and safe removal of dental plaque.

Just like with your own teeth, cleaning an implant is very important.

Good oral hygiene prevents problems from developing around the implants. The gums that surround an implant are more sensitive to inflammation. We speak of Peri-implant mucositis when the gums (soft tissue) surrounding the implant are inflamed. You can compare this to an inflammation of the gums around the tooth (gingivitis).

If the inflammation continues, the bone that holds the implant can also be affected. We then speak of Peri-implantitis, which can be compared with periodontitis. With an implant, however, the damage to the jaw bone can go faster than with natural teeth. The implant can become loose and even lost.

Good daily plaque removal with the right products is important. The advice is to brush the implants with an ultra soft toothbrush. The Lactona iQ Easycomfort ultra-soft toothbrush is the perfect brush for this.

To maintain a healthy mouth, it is important to remove plaque around the implant every day with the correct size of brushes. Lactona has an extensive range of brushes, all of which have a coating to prevent as much damage as possible to the implants, but also to the natural teeth. The flexible toothpicks FlexPicks 2in1 are ideal for use in between.

Of course, regular visits to the dentist/dental hygienist remain important for checking and removing tartar/plaque from the implants. In case of bleeding around the implants or if they are movable, it is always wise to contact your dentist.