Blue FlossTape (40 m)

Blue FlossTape (40 m)

For the daily cleaning of narrow spaces between teeth.

Lactona FlossTape is suitable for removing plaque in small, narrow spaces. The FlossTape is wide, making it less sharp to use. When flossing, the tape widens so that the plaque is removed even better.

The tape is slightly waxed and therefore slides more easily between the teeth.

Because of the blue color you can clearly see the plaque on the wire. This contributes to the motivation and insight that interdental plaque removal is important and that brushing alone is not enough. The floss is impregnated in fluoride and has a fresh mint taste.

  • Wide flat floss feels nice with use
  • Optimal plaque removal
  • Suitable for narrow spaces
  • Light wax layer for more pleasant use
  • Blue color for clear plaque indication
  • Contains fluoride
  • Fresh mint flavor