The clever heads of Lactona

The Lactona toothbrushes bring together the latest developments in terms of material, functionality and design. The high-quality nylon filaments (Dupont Tynex®) have a strong memory and are rounded and polished.

Lactona toothbrushes are known for their optimal and consistent quality.

There is a suitable Lactona toothbrush for everyone: brushes for adults or children and special brushes for orthodontic appliances and hard-to-reach places in the mouth. For children there is, among other things, the Kidsbrush. A toothbrush with extra long handle with wide thumb grip and compact brush surface.

The positioning of the filaments, the division in the number of rows and a compact brush head contribute to optimal cleaning of the teeth.

Due to the straight and patented multi-tufted brush surface where the nylon filaments are close together, trauma to the gums is prevented as much as possible. By rinsing the Lactona toothbrushes with warm water, the filaments return to their original position.


  • Ultra soft after dental surgery, radio/chemotherapy or severely inflamed gums.
  • Soft for adults and children.
  • X-soft for for sensitive gum, recessions and implants.
  • Medium for orthodontic appliances or as an intermediate step from hard to soft brushes.

Our frontrunners

M Easycomfort with compact brush surface

iQ Easycomfort with a very compact brush surface