The largest range of antibacterial Interdental Cleaners

All Lactona Interdental Cleaners have antibacterial filaments. The Dupont StaClean filaments prevent the growth of micro-organisms on the filaments.

Wide choice and highest quality.

In the field of interdental cleaning, Lactona offers a wide range of interdental brushes in no fewer than 21 variations and sizes. Quality comes first. For example, the wire is provided with a coating to reduce galvanic (current) effects that can occur when the metal wire comes into contact with the element. The filaments are from DuPont StaClean. The growth of micro-organism on the filaments is counteracted by the specific composition. When the filaments come into contact with water, ions are released that react with enzymes, inhibiting bacterial growth.

Interdental Cleaners

Cylindrical brushes with a long bristle section for effective plaque removal. Particularly suitable for paro patients. An optimal result with fewer movements (less load).

Conical brushes, multiple sizes in one interdental brush

The tapered brush section makes it the go-to product for the patient who should use multiple sizes of brushes. With this brush you can keep the interdental cleaning simple for the patient. This motivates them to clean daily.

EasyGrip, practical and hygienic

The EasyGrip with short Interdental brush and fixed holder is available in 6 cylindrical and 2 conical sizes. The brush part can be easily bent, so that the molars are easily accessible. The cap extends the handle and protects the brush. The EasyGrip is easy to take with you to rage at any time.

Interdental brush holder

The universal holder offers more grip and thus increases ease of use.

Combiboxes and Starterkits

For its most popular sizes in the brush range, Lactona has Combi boxes available for the profession, where you can easily give samples to patients.