Proxabrush (Periodontal brush)

Proxabrush (Periodontal brush)

For simple and optimal cleaning between teeth.

The Proxabrush is an extra long handle with a interdental brush with a good grip for cleaning in the mouth. The Proxabrush offers optimum ease of use and provides better accessibility at the back of the mouth. The brushes can be replaced by means of a sliding system in the head of the holder.

The Proxabrush comes standard with a conical brush of 3-5 mm. Loose brushes are available in a conical (3-5 mm) and cylindrical (3 mm) variant.

  • For cleaning between the teeth and molars
  • For cleaning crowns and/or bridges
  • For cleaning orthodontic appliances
  • For cleaning implants

Article number:

  • 40188208