With extra single tuft

XS Extra soft
S Soft
M Medium

Suitable for adults and children from 10 years.

This brush has a very compact brush head, narrow neck and no superfluous material around the outer rows of nylon tufts. The extra long 2-component handle with thumb grip ensures optimal positioning and a comfortable grip. Due to the straight and patented multi-tufted brush surface where the nylon filaments are close together, trauma to the gums is prevented as much as possible. The specific positioning of the tufts, characteristic of the iQ series, ensures optimal plaque removal.

At the end of the handle is an interchangeable single tuft brush. Specially developed for cleaning in crowding, orthodontic applications, accessible furcations, diastema, implants and hard-to-reach places such as the distal side of the last molar.

The high-quality nylon filaments (Dupont Tynex ®) have a strong memory. The filaments are rounded and polished to prevent damage to the hard and soft tissue.

The combination of white and colored filaments is matched to the color of the handle.

Article numbers:

  • 40155730 iQ + extra soft
  • 40155727 iQ + soft
  • 40155736 iQ + medium