FlexPick 2in1 M/L

FlexPick 2in1 M/L

M/L Medium / Large

The Lactona FlexPick 2 in1 is a good addition to your daily oral care. This allows you to easily and efficiently remove the plaque between teeth. The Lactona FlexPick has the ease of use of a toothpick and because of the many soft triangular shapes it also resembles a thin brush. The flexible material makes the FlexPick flexible and pliable. It not only removes plaque, but also stimulates blood flow to the gums and reduces the risk of gum infections.

The Lactona FlexPick 2in1 can be used after any snack or meal. Can also be used by wearers of braces, implants, bridges or crowns. In addition, the Lactona FlexPick can be used on both sides. Due to the angle in the FlexPick 2in1, the spaces between the molars are also easily accessible.

  • Can be used on both sides for teeth and molars.
  • The soft triangular shapes are flexible and bendable.
  • Conical shape for greater reach and even more effective plaque removal.
  • Flexible neck ensures that the FlexPick bends with the movements.
  • The rounded tip and flexible material ensure pleasant use.
  • Contains no metal wire.
  • Also recommended for wearers of fixed braces, implants, crowns and bridges.
  • Silicone and latex free.
  • For everyday use.
  • Handy travel box can be ordered separately.


  • Box with 200 pieces (50 x 4).

Article number:

  • 40387096